Our wax:

The coconuts used for our wax are hand-harvested by small holding farms in the Philippines and Indonesia; therefore deforestation does not occur.

The manufacturers of this wax blend also champion training programs to enable local farmers to adopt more sustainable agricultural techniques, which in turn betters their livelihoods by increasing their knowledge of sustainable, and more profitable agribusiness.

The rapeseed oils are manufactured in the UK, giving it a low carbon footprint.


Our custom outer packaging is made using Fedrigoni papers, this is an FSC® certified material, made with ECF pulp, acid free, elemental chlorine free.

Our packaging manufacturer maintains a positive environmental strategy, with the aim to minimise waste of energy and materials; by evaluating production processes and ensuring they are as efficient as possible, and to minimise toxic emissions and waste.

The manufacturers are part of the Carbon Capture plan in conjunction with their key paper supplier, Premier Paper Group. This means that every time they purchase paper from this supplier, more trees are planted by The Woodland Trust.

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Our manufacturers are also signed up to Foilco’s ZeroFoil2Landfill scheme, where all unavoidable foil waste is collected by Foilco and transformed into sustainable energy.

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We're always looking to improve our sustainability points! If you have any suggestions, ideas or improvements for our brand, please contact us: