[FEATURE] Homegrown India - Śurū Living’s Artisanal Candles Offer Scents Of Diasporic Heritage [2022]



"Inspired by the sweet romance of beginnings, is ‘Śurū Living’, a diasporic brand offering luxury scented candles. Bringing the scents of diasporic heritage, the British- South-Asian lifestyle brand was born out of East London and traces its roots back to Punjab, India. Talking of their inspiration, the brand says their scents ‘harmonise the specific stories and recollections of three generations who lived through the diaspora’. ‘Suru’ when translated from Punjabi means ‘begin’. What is at the core of this brand is a special amalgamation of modern, and traditional ideas and a desire to bring two distinct cultures together through scents.

Drawing from personal history, the founders of Śurū, who were raised in London but have strong ties with their family home in Punjab due to their many visits back and forth, started noticing a lack of products that tied the two cultures together and so ŚURŪ was the beginning of trying to bring two experiences together with a unique fragrance formulation.

Offering high-quality, sustainable, and innovative wax blend luxury scented artisanal candles, Śurū candles are created in small batches and are hand-poured. Each candle has a unique scent that transposes you to a different place. With collections like Chandigarh ’98 (an ode to ‘the city beautiful’, with Mandarin, Damask Rose top notes), Punjab Rose (a tribute to the strong and the beautiful. a memory of youth in the diaspora with lychee and plum top notes), Himā Kush (a mosaic of personal memories exploring the villages of the Western Himalayas, where nature and culture weave together, with Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage top notes), Euphorique (inspired by childhood moments, with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender top notes) and other nature and roots inspired scents, they add a touch of luxury to your spaces."