[FEATURE]House of Desiderata - ŚURŪ Luxury Artisan Candles [2022]

July 2022:

"This month we at House of Desiderata explore four luxury candle brands that are absolutely incredible and will fill your home with the most luscious scents that are perfect to unwind to. The ritual of lighting a candle allows you to slow down your day and take a breath, picking out which scent to fill your space with. We are so thrilled to introduce you to Sun.Day of London, Soak Sunday, Śurū, and Evermore London, four stunning candle companies that truly let their roots speak for themselves."




"Śurū candles are created in small batches and are hand-poured to ensure the absolute best quality product. Each of their unique scents are perfect for any setting adding a hint of luxury anywhere. Each scent harmonizes the specific stories and recollections of three generations who lived through the diaspora. These personal touches make each candle that much more special."



Thank you House of Desiderata for the wonderful write up!