[PRESS] WomensHealthMag - Punjab Rose by Śurū - Best Scented Candles for Valentines Day [2022]

From February 2022.

"Valentine's Day is coming up which, naturally, marks a great opportunity to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them. If you're marking the occasion with a big night in this year (cooking dinner, romantic playlist on, romcom – the works), then you're going to need some mood lighting to help set the right vibe.

These scented candles will cast a gentle flickering glow across your room while helping to evoke all the right feelings of lust and lurve. Notes of heady, sexy sandalwood and patchouli, sugary honey and vanilla and, of course, the eternally romantic rose will help get both you and your partner in the mood for some sweet loving.

Plus, if you haven't picked up a Valentine's Day present yet, a scented candle in a pretty glass votive makes a good go-to gift. As a bonus, it'll make them think of you every time they light it...

Here's our round-up of the best sexy, sweet and sultry fragranced options for Valentine's Day 2022." - CHARLEY WARD