[PRESS] GRAZIA UK - Punjab Rose by Śurū - Best Scented Candles [2022]

From March 2022

 "Spring is a time of new beginnings and starting afresh. This applies to the home just as much as it does to the natural world outside. Scent can have a real part to play in bringing the seasons in - which is especially welcome if we’re spending more time at home than we used to.

Over the last two years we’ve needed our domestic spaces to work so much harder for us - they’ve become offices, classrooms and gyms, let alone places to eat, sleep and relax in. We’ve changed the way we use our homes, so it’s no surprise that we’ve turned to home fragrance to help bring about a sense of calm, pleasure and spatial structure. Hence, the home fragrance category (candles, diffusers, sprays, wall plug-ins) has enjoyed a real surge in popularity and according to NPD our purchases last year were up 43% on 2020 (which were up 146% on 2019.)

Emma South, Jo Malone’s Fragrance & Lifestyle expert, puts it perfectly: “Scent has such a close relationship to memory that it influences our mood and perception in a profound yet often unconscious way. The art of home scenting is about channeling this to add to the spatial dimensions of a property, creating and delineating new spaces within an open plan area and also helping to structure the day, creating scented signals that direct us from work to leisure, day to night.” - HAYDN WILLIAMS.