Śurū x Farheen Fatima


Inspired by our childhood travels, aspiring photographer Farheen Fatima brought to life the nostalgic memories of our first visit to Chandigarh, Punjab. A mesmerizing journey through one of the most unique, modern and charismatic parts of India - The City Beautiful.


Farheen Fatima is an up and coming Chandigarh based photographer and visual artist. We caught up with Farheen and learned more about her beginnings, inspiration and future plans!

So, tell us about your first introduction to photography. What drew you into it?

As a teenager I found myself clicking pictures on family holidays with our point and shoot camera. From there clicking more and more photographs and finding new ways of capturing my surroundings became almost a habit. From birds to flowers to trees, if it caught my attention, I captured it. I wanted to draw and paint since as long as I remember but I think it was my inability to draw the way I wanted to draw that led me to photography. It gave me the freedom to express myself without hesitation and capture the world the way I see it. This feeling has stayed with me over the years. For an introverted shy teenager like me a camera became a comforting object of expression.

What’s your creative process?

My creative process is quite chaotic. I am a self-taught artist hence whatever I know I have learnt from my experiences. I think just jumping into a project and following my instinct has helped me a lot. I don’t like to rely a lot on planning ahead of time. In my experience over planning leaves no room for creativity. I think, childlike innocence and that feeling of being lost are essential for keeping it fun and interesting. I have a love and hate relationship with my creative process and it’s something that will grow with me all my life.

How did you find working on this campaign to showcase Chandigarh?

Suru campaign gave me the opportunity to explore my own city. It was a beautiful experience. We tend to take own city for granted and sometimes we need little pockets of calm to remind us of what lies around us. To stop and take notice. Capturing the city of Chandigarh, the way I see it helped me express my love for this city. The balance of architecture and nature makes it an ideal setting for a wholesome living experience.

What inspires you the most? 

Over the years I have realised that nature inspires me the most. It has always been a constant. And I feel nature especially trees have been an important part of my work over the years.

What’s your favourite scent memory?

The smell of fresh rain showers during the monsoon season. Heat and humidity brings cool and refreshing rains. Everything in nature wakes up to welcome the rain. It’s a smell that I wait for all year long.

What’s next for Farheen Fatima?

I have been working on a project which is based on the gardens of Chandigarh. It talks about the garden going culture in the city and people’s relationship with nature in an urban setting.

  • Chandigarh '98 - Bougie Parfumée by Śurū - 225G [8OZ]
  • Chandigarh '98 - Bougie Parfumée by Śurū - 225G [8OZ]
  • Chandigarh '98 - Bougie Parfumée by Śurū - 225G [8OZ]
  • Chandigarh '98 - Bougie Parfumée by Śurū - 225G [8OZ]

Chandigarh '98 - Bougie Parfumée by Śurū - 225G [8OZ]

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